Want Rainbow Hair? This Is How To Get It For Less Than $5

It’s so secret that rainbow hair is one of the biggest hair trends of the season, with celebrities such as Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner and Hillary Duff all getting on board with this super hot hair trend.

With colours such as candy floss pink, magenta and turquoise, rainbow hair is undoubtedly the funnest hair trend of the season that every it-girl is trying.

However, many hair and beauty experts have complained about the steep price tag that comes with the trend – like seriously, who has money to maintain their colour every two weeks?

So what’s the secret to getting rainbow hair without the price tag?

Beauty bloggers have recently discovered that good old fashioned crepe paper is the perfect DIY way to get rainbow hair, the internet hailing the discovery as the greatest DIY trick of the year.

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All you have to do is cut the paper into strips, add them to a bowl of warm salt water, and then soak your hair in the mixture for 15 minutes before washing it out.

If you don’t want to do a full head and instead prefer to just tint the ends, try wrapping the wet crepe paper around the ends of your hair and securing it with rubber bands or hair elastics.

Best thing of all is that the colour will only last about a week, meaning that you can pretty much have a different colour every week, leaving you plenty of wiggle room to experiment with a range of pretty tones.

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Thank you beauty fairies, you have just saved us all literally hundreds of dollars!

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