The Surprising Reason You Feel So Tired Every Morning

There are two types of people in the world. Those who wake up to their alarm and practically spring out of bed with not a care in the world. On the other side of the spectrum are those who, even after a solid eight hours of sleep, wake up feeling tired and deflated. The second group is often a frustrating place to be and it can sometimes seem that no matter how much sleep you get, you still feel terrible every damn morning.

Surprisingly, how you feel in the morning may actually have nothing to do with your sleeping patterns, but more to do with how you are waking up. “When we wake up, we all go through a certain amount of sleep inertia,” Deborah Sewitch, PhD, clinical director of the Center for Sleep and Ventilatory Disorders at the University of Illinois at Chicago, told “For some, it can take ages to get it together; an hour later, they’re still feeling groggy and not really ‘there.'”

Adding to the conversation, Hans Van Dongen, PhD, explained that a sudden wake-up could be making this even harder for you. “Sleep inertia can feel worse when you’re awakened abruptly. It forces you suddenly into a mode that your body isn’t prepared for.”

So if this is you and you are always tired first thing, what can you actually do to make things better? For starters you can look at the kind of alarm you are using. If you have an iPhone the built-in alarm clock app now lets you choose a gentle alarm tone like chirping birds, which of course, is much more pleasant to wake up to than a shrill beeping sound.

Other apps like Sleep Cycle will let you choose a time-frame to wake up within, meaning that you will be awoken during a period of lighter sleep. While this may sound strange, it does wonders for your body because it allows you to wake up naturally, when your body is actually ready to wake up. Say goodbye to tired mornings!

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