Wine For Cats Is No Longer Just A Figment Of Your Imagination

Calling all cat ladies! Today is a day for celebration because you can now officially sleep easy knowing that your cat no longer has to miss out on the main joy in life – that being wine, obviously.

Finally your cat can now double as your drinking buddy, guaranteeing that you will never have to drink alone again. Hooray!

‘Pinot Meow’ was created by an American company called Apollo Peak and is making waves in the world of ridiculous cat-related products.

While the cat wine is not alcoholic, it is made of water, beetroot juice and catnip, promising to give your kitty a nice little buzz to top-off a hard day of napping on your bed while you are at work.

While this is not the first time that a company has attempted to break into the feline wine market, previous products have contained real grapes which are now thought to be unhealthy for your furry friend.

At long last, the world is beginning to understand the needs of you and your cat.

What a time to be alive.