You’ll Never Guess Which Royal Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne Sent Flirty Texts To

The only thing better than Margot Robbie, is Margot Robbie hanging out with her BFF Cara Delevingne. Like seriously, these girls are a riot.

In a recent interview with Love magazine, the pair who star in Suicide Squad opened up about their friendship and recalled the time they sent an outrageously flirty text to none other than Prince Harry.

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According to the trouble-making pair, Cara sent a message to Prince Harry telling him that she dreamed about him!

Being the true champ that he is, Harry knew instantly that the cheeky pair were behind the message, replying by saying, “You two are obviously together. But I’m extremely glad I was in your dreams.” LOL!

Best thing of all is that Margot says that initially she didn’t even realise who Prince Harry was.

“He’s friends with Cara. He’s the most normal guy ever. I didn’t realise it was him,” Margot said. “I just thought it was a guy named Harry and thought, ‘What a nice guy’.”

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In the same interview, the pair opened up about how they became friends and their mutual love of tequila.

“We met at an event at Windsor Castle, but only really briefly. I know this sounds like I just rub shoulders with royals all the time, but Prince William was at the event. It was that kind of thing, a super-fancy event. I remember muttering to my friend Sophia [Kerr], when this waitress asked, ‘Would you like water? Would you like champagne?’ I said, ‘God, I want a tequila,’” Margot explained.

“Cara, who I’d never met before, was about five metres away from me and her ears just pricked up and she said, ‘Did someone say tequila?’ I was like, ‘You and I are so going to be best friends.’

Now that’s what I call #FriendGoals!

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