People Are Not Happy About Zara’s New ‘Curvy’ Campaign

When Zara finally opened in New Zealand last year we were beyond excited. However, we’ll be the first to admit that the Spanish high street brand has been surrounded by its fair share of controversy over the years. Zara’s latest ‘curvy’ campaign is no exception and the people of Twitter are going crazy.

The campaign first came to public attention when Irish radio personality, Muireann O’Connell, shared an image of their new ‘Love Your Curves’ campaign (seen in England and Spain over the past month) on Twitter with a less-than-impressed comment.

“You have got to be sh*tting me, Zara,” the radio presenter wrote alongside an image of the campaign.

The issue? The campaign is focused on the idea of accepting and loving your curves, however both of the models pictured appear to be well… very thin. While the model on the right hand side of the ad has a slightly curvier booty than the model on the left, there is no denying that both models are still your typical editorial sized women.

After being accused of attacking the models themselves, Muireann fired back on Twitter and explained that it has nothing to do with these particular women and that there is nothing wrong with being naturally thin. However the issue is that Zara’s marketing team are trying to claim that these women represent ‘curvy’ which is a fair stretch of the imagination.

Let’s hope that Zara will follow in the footsteps of brands like Nike and start to add some genuine diversity into their campaigns in the future.

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