5 new inspirational bathroom trends to steal

The bathroom is increasingly becoming a place of tranquility for us. Whether it’s because you are a parent or you just need some peace and quiet, it’s always a better experience when your bathroom is styled to perfection. Here are the top five new trends in bathroom design to up your décor game.

Freestanding Tubs – Don’t you love when something is both stylistic and practical? The freestanding bath gives your bathroom a feature point, giving a modern and chic feel to your bathroom while also providing a luxurious bathing experience.

Classic Black but Matte – Clean chic black and white continues to dominate bathroom colour schemes, this time around Matt Black tap ware is the newest variation. Now that so many bathrooms are white-dominant, matt black tap ware creates an understated, clean look that sets a very elegant mood.

Back to the roots – A touch of nature can make a bathroom come to life: timber counters or cabinets, a slatted timber screen, stone accents on the walls or floor, small easy to care for plants like succulents or maybe a flower or two if you are looking for a pop of colour. Also popular thanks to The Block NZ: Villa Wars: living walls. Plants will thrive off the humidity of the steamy bathroom and you can get creative by adding different types of plants to give it more of an organic feel.

Feature walls – Along the same lines, feature walls are a wonderful way to contrast the monochrome of black and white, especially if the look ends up feeling too subdued for you. Feature walls allow stylists to get creative with patterns and colours to inject a pop of warmth back into the cool tones of the modern bathroom.

Geometric tiles – Want to put a pattern in your bathroom, but don’t know what to choose? Guaranteed to be visually satisfying, geometric tiles come in a wonderful spectrum of colours and patterns, so there’s no shortage to choose from. There’s sure to be one that catches your eye that will wow anyone who visits.