Are these 3 harmful things in your beauty bag?

With beauty standards higher than ever, people everywhere are finding new and interesting concoctions to put on their faces. This is worrying for dermatologists, because some of the creams that are said to help your help your skin may actually harm it.

Petroleum jelly – Products that contain petroleum jelly ranges from lotions to various makeup products, so it’s fair to say it is a staple in a girl’s everyday life. While this product is perfect for creating a water-tight barrier between your skin and the elements that may affect it, it does not do such a good job in letting your skin breathe. While giving the instant illusion of softer, more moisturised skin, it doesn’t actually moisturise the skin, it just seals in the moisture that was already there. Unfortunately it also seals in the dirt for hours, so if you are prone to breakouts it’s probably best to stay away.

Products with alcohol – Alcohol is often used in beauty products for its efficiency in cleaning, but sometimes it can be too harsh for the skin. So while there is a place for alcohol in skincare, it is best used sparingly as it can severely dry out the skin when overused. So next time you shop for a toner, cleanser, or primer check the ingredients list to see how high alcohol is on there, or you could switch to alcohol-free alternatives that would keep the moisture in your skin.

Lemon juice/vinegar/cider – Skin brightening are becoming ever popular these days and people are turning to home remedies to save them the steep cost of products that are currently on the market. Lemon juice and apple cider are often used in such home remedies and while healthy skin does have a natural PH balance that is slightly acidic to fight off bacteria, if people use citrus products too liberally they can cause irritation and burning.