Forget Balayage, Palm Painting is the New Hair Trend You’re Going to Love

So according to Instagram, balayage is so last year. The new hair trend you’re going to want done is palm painting! Marcos Verissimo, from Neville Salon in London, is the creator of palm painting. The inovative hair colouring technique is a lot like balayage but without the brushes.

According to Marco in his Instagram video, “Palm painting consists of applying the product straight away with your hands without all the paraphernalia.” This almost seems to good to be true, but lucky for us, it’s very very true. And the results look absolutely incredible!!


Because your stylist isn’t using brushes you get a much more natural look than you do with balayage. Just using the palm of someone’s hand creates a style that looks naturally sun kissed rather than like it was created solely in a salon.

Despite being the middle of winter we think it’s a great idea to go for the ‘we just went on holiday somewhere super sunny and tropical’ look. What an absolute dream! In the video Marco says it “makes things simple, easy to work with, and [with] beautiful results.” This is exactly what we want in a hair colouring technique!

We wish we had Marco here in New Zealand to palm paint our ‘dos but unfortunately we’ll have to save up some money to fly all the way to Neville’s Hair and Beauty Salon in UK! Hopefully the trend has made it over here though to our local salons and hairstylists.

Biscuit blonde ombré by @senizalkan and styled by @yuricitas #blondeambition #blonde #blondehair #nevillegirls

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