Revolutionary New Frozen Desserts Range

Naturopath, nutritionist, and raw foods chef Lauren Glucina is on a mission to bring plant-based food to the masses with an innovative range of organic, raw, and vegan frozen desserts. Lively Desserts are good for both you and the environment. Win win! And they have some delicious sounding flavours like Espresso Zest and Banana Cacao.

Being someone who tries to avoid animal based products as much as possible, I thought this was a brilliant (and tasty) idea. It seems this is a growing trend amongst my friends and peers too. Everyone’s jumping on the vege/dairy-free/vegan bandwagon and having tasty treats just makes it SO much easier!

Lively Desserts are the first of their kind and Lauren’s carefully curated range features four products: Espresso Zest, Dark Mint, Mango Lassi, and Banana Cacao. Somewhere between an ice cream and a cake, they taste purely indulgent, yet are made from natural ingredients. The Mango Lassi is my personal favourite ’cause I’m loving everything to do with mangos at the moment.

Frozen Desserts

Usually the bases of vegan and ‘raw’ frozen desserts are nuts and/or wheat but Lauren wanted to avoid all common allergens and so her desserts are free of all nuts, gluten, dairy, eggs, and even soy! Instead, these frozen desserts are coconut based, which is great for me because coconut is my favourite. They also don’t have any nasties like thickeners and stabilisers in them so you don’t have any reason to feel guilty after treating yourself to these little sweeties.

Lively Desserts are sweetened naturally with whole fruits, organic brown rice syrup, and a dash of pure stevia. So they taste incredible and they’re not filled with anything bad for you. And on top of all this vegan-ness even the packaging is plant-based! So you genuinely do not have to worry about any animals being harmed in the slightest in the making of these products.

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Frozen Desserts