Your New Natural and Eco-friendly Go-To Lipstick

It’s a constant struggle of mine to try to choose between quality makeup and something that’s natural and organic. I want to be eco-conscious and cruelty free with my choices but it’s so hard when many of the products out there just aren’t up to scratch – especially with lipstick. Luckily for me (and all others in the same boat) there’s Antipodes’ Moisture Boost Natural Lipsticks!

As a devoted, yet fussy, lipstick wearer I was initially skeptical about these natural lipsticks but I was honestly so pleasantly surprised. These lipsticks are fantastic! There’s a massive range of colours to suit any and every occasion, and they’re super moisturising too. I hate having dry lips and I find that many lipsticks end up drying out my lips more but these natural lipsticks made my lips look fabulous and gave them the hit of hydration they truly needed.

Another great thing about them is that they are all natural. All the ingredients are edible, though I wouldn’t recommend eating them. But it means you don’t feel like you’re putting a mass of chemicals on your face. Turns out that over the course of a woman’s life she may ingest as much as three kilograms or seven pounds of lipstick into her body. Insane! You absorb it through the skin of your lips, or swallow bits of it when you eat and drink. So these lipsticks have been formulated with ingredients that are not only safer to wear – but actually healthy for you.

Pure plant oil ingredients are extracted from avocado pear, calendula flower, evening primrose seed, and argan nut. These healthy bioactives make for true lip love, which is why they’re so moisturising. They also contain beeswax, hydrating shea butter, and jojoba oil. There’s even Vitamin E for extra lip nourishment. All key ingredients are from natural origin with low levels of FDA-approved colour pigments for vibrancy.

These are the perfect lipsticks for everyone. Moisturising, gorgeous colours, and eco-friendly. You can’t go wrong!