Nobody Panic But We May Be Running Out of Avocados…

Avocados have become the #1 favourite fruit of basically everyone over the past few years. From the classic avocado on toast to avocado smoothies and even avocado chocolate mousse, avocados have become to lifeblood of foodies all over the world. Personally, I love avocados and when I heard the news that they may be running out I started freaking out completely.

What will I put on my bagels in the morning? How will I ever have Mexican food again? When will this madness end?!

Avocados make the best breakfast ? #bestuglybagels

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The price of avocados has been rising over the past couple years due to high demand but unfortunately for us devout avo-lovers, the high demand isn’t the only issue. Flooding in places like Mexico and Peru alongside drought in California has meant that the avocado crop recently has been the lowest it has been in decades.

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Even here in little ol’ NZ we’ve had supply issues with our domestic crop. A particularly cold spring last year didn’t help the numbers and neither has the wet weather we’ve been seeing recently.

But don’t be too distraught, at the moment it seems that they may be able to bring the numbers back. So hopefully we’ll all be able to continue to have our avo fix for years to come.

Made super grain bowls with orange miso tofu for the fam ? #FinallyAnAvocadoEmoji

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