Snapchat’s new feature changes everything

“A personal collection of your favourite moments that lives below the camera screen,” is how Snapchat describes its new feature rolled out today. ‘Memories’ is taking users by storm, allowing them to upload old Snaps in their Story. The old Snaps are signified by a frame to let the viewer know that the picture is old (taken over a day ago).

“You can use Memories to create new Stories from Snaps you’ve taken, or even combine different Stories into a longer narrative,” the company wrote in their announcement blog post. This has got everyone talking as it seems this feature goes against the core values of the app, which traditionally only allows you to view an upload for 10 seconds or less, but it is the user who takes the photo or video that can save it to Memories, not the recipient. This seems like a smart business move on Snapchat’s part as it allows them to directly compete with Facebook’s Memories feature.

Worried about potentially embarrassing moments when showing your Memories to your friends? Relax, Memories also includes a handy folder called “For My Eyes Only” for all your risqué Snaps you don’t necessarily want to share with your friends.

In their announcement, Snapchat says photos and videos uploaded to Memories will be backed up and kept safe on the Snapchat servers. If you’re worried about privacy, they made sure to clarify any ambiguities. “We won’t backup any photos or videos from your Camera Roll, unless you use one to make a new Story or add it to My Eyes Only,” the company said in a blog post on Thursday. “In that case, we’ll back up only the photo or video that you used”.

According to Snapchat, the new feature will be rolled out selectively over the next month.