Your solution to those embarrassing Google searches

We’ve all done it. Late at night, when we are alone possibly drunk and maybe worried, you Google something for your eyes only. Truly embarrassing things we would be mortified if anyone found out about. Have you ever been worried about those search engine slip ups coming back to bite you? Here’s how to make sure they don’t – and it’s so easy you could do it over a glass of wine.

You probably already know Google is collecting information about you, you might also know that Private Browsing isn’t quite as private as you think. What you might not know is you can remove what Google is tracking about you using, which provides a handy chronological list of all of your Google activity for you to delete – including embarrassing searches and late night YouTube marathons. When you’ve found what you’d rather honestly forget – press three vertical dots on the right end of the record and select ‘delete’. If you are feeling a little paranoid or privacy-conscious, you can also tell Google to stop collecting your data by going to Viola! Now you can search as many weird, uncouth things as you’d like without the fear of it coming up as a remembered search later on.

That’s your computer done, but what about your phone? Designed for convenience, we use them for just about everything while we are on the go and it makes sense that Google would take advantage of that. Google saves every search and voice search on your phone, tracks your location and records the time and date you were there via GPS. Google uses this information to target adverts to you and personalise your preferences, but if you are looking for some privacy in this digital age, thankfully there are step-by-step guides on how to make your mobile information private from Google.

A good place to start is to check for full details over what Google is saving about you.