When A Crazy Girlfriend Went Too Far

We’ve all often heard people referring to their exes as “crazy”, where ex-girlfriends are seen as overly emotional and clingy. And while a lot of the time this may be an over exaggeration and a stereotype, with break ups causing a lot of emotional highs and lows, this story just took the cake, showing that there definitely are some crazy girls out there.

On the 27th July and in Geneva, Switzerland, a lady rang up the airport and reported a bomb threat to authorities, all because she didn’t want her husband boarding a flight. Not only did her husband not end up boarding his flight, but most of the passengers in the airport didn’t board theirs either. Entrances to the airport locked down with passengers being identity checked by police, approaching roads also became jammed as heavily armed police stopped vehicles to check their papers.

The lady’s home was raided by police, and she will be going to court for the chaos she caused with the prosecutor stating that the airport “had found a woman who had admitted to having made the call and explained that she wanted thereby to prevent her husband from leaving.”

In what way was this a good idea? The airport is on the France and Switzerland border, amidst the tensions and high alerts after recent attacks in the country. Of course they would take security measures to ensure it wouldn’t happen again and not only had she left the airport in disarray, but she did this all for her husband who probably isn’t feeling the love right now.

We’ve all heard of these stories, from girlfriends taking cars, pets, telling their ex-lovers they have cancer so they would stay, to threats and even more, but you really can’t beat this. Three words of advice for anyone wanting to stop their partner boarding a plane: Don’t do this.