Kylie Jenner’s makeup line breaks the internet again for all the wrong reasons!

After her sold out lip kits left customers disappointed when they arrived faulty, Kylie Jenner and her makeup line is back in the limelight again. This time however she is being accused of copying New Zealand Beauty Youtuber Shaaanxo, with the two both releasing very similar eyeshadow palettes.

Shaaanxo tweeted a side by side comparison of her and Kylie’s eyeshadow palettes, with six of the colours looking basically exactly the same.

Twitter soon jumped on the bandwagon, with many users shocked at how strickingly similar they were and others coming quickly to Kylie’s defense.

Shaaanxo was quick to try and settle everything down, urging she wasn’t trying to cause drama and that she is going to buy Kylie’s palette.

This comparision has made the internet go crazy! What do you guys think? Was Shaaanxo being copied? Or was it just the coincidence that both Kylie and Shaaanxo had similarities because they both created a bronze eyeshadow palette?