The #1 Skill To Master For A More Successful 2017

In an ideal world we would be the best in everything we need to have a successful business and stress-free life. Then again in that same world we would have that flat tummy and six-pack we’ve always dreamed about and that winning lotto ticket in our pocket. Unfortunately, we all struggle from that one weakness that prevents us from reaching our true potential, whether it be laziness, impatience or disorganisation, and no matter how hard we try to eliminate it we always come against a wall of difficulty.

So here’s a thought; instead of trying to eliminate that weakness, why not embrace it for what it is? If you’re a disorganised person why not tap into that creativity of yours? If you suffer from impatience why not pursue something you’re passionate about? Try these techniques and say hello to a new you this year.

Identify and accept your weakness

Okay, this may sound hard but you can’t turn a weakness into a strength if you’re busy denying it even exists. This is probably one of the most important steps in embracing your weakness and leading a successful career.

Get guidance from someone you trust

Turn to colleagues, friends and family and ask for help to fill in the gaps where you feel you are weakest. With a little self-reflection and honest feedback you can work towards turning that weakness into a strength. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Actively work to improve in your weak area

If one of your weaknesses is something you see important for a successful career, take action and improve that skill. If you get nervous speaking in front of groups, for example, take presentation classes and put yourself in situations where you are required to publicly speak. Practice makes perfect!

Embrace your strengths

While improving your weaknesses is important, don’t lose sight of your biggest strengths. Many successful business leaders have taken their most powerful strengths and learnt to achieve in areas that almost negate the fact they lack expertise in other areas.