These tattoos are seriously cool and not for the reason you think!

Tattoos are commonly associated with negative stereotypes, with those who get them often considered irresponsible and careless. However, these New Zealand tattoo artists are fighting against the stigma, showing that tattoos can be worthwhile.

Benjamin Lloyd, a tattoo artist from Tauranga, is using his skills to airbrush tattoo sick children from Auckland’s Starship Hospital. “It’s just the confidence they get – especially the boys they walk round so proud, you put art on them and they’re just so excited they can choose their own designs,” he told Stuff.

“They’re so fascinated while they’re getting it, they’re so happy with it.”

He posted to Facebook on his official page saying “Nothing brings me more joy than boosting a kids confidence with a custom tattoo 50 likes and ill go to starship hospital and tat all the kids up.It’s airbrushed on.(not permanent) peace”. Since then the post has gotten over 70 thousand likes.

Your not gifted talent it’s earnt.This is Lincoln the most talented 5 year old i have ever met.

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Juju Croucher, a tattoo artist from Christchurch, also made 57 year old Pam Young’s day when she tattooed a delicate flower design over the mastectomy scars of the breast cancer survivor.

“As a woman and feeling feminine, I think it [the scarring] took that away from me to a certain extent and I didn’t feel very attractive in myself,” Pam Young told Stuff.

“Having these tattoos has made me feel whole again in a funny sort of way.”

“I think some people found it quite strange that someone my age would opt for tattooing but honestly, the difference it has made in my life . . . I just feel so normal and so comfortable – which I didn’t before.”

Juju took to Instagram, advocating for cancer awareness and saying, “I’d love to help more cancer warriors feel good about their bodies if tattoos are the way to do that.”

Anything that raises awareness on cancer and makes people feel good about their bodies is a yes from us!