Why you should go dry and swap out your glass of wine this July

This July is the time to give up alcohol for the benefit of others, with funds being raised for cancer patients through the alcohol free campaign Dry July. The money raised will help raise funds and awareness for cancer patients, with Dry July envisioning to improve the environments and services they receive, easing the burdens and stress they face. Various organisations will benefit from these funds, with smaller regional hospitals, therapy programs, wellness programs, and not-for-profit organisations being funded by Dry July in order to make patients feel more comfortable during the treatment process, making a hard time a little bit easier. In its fifth year, New Zealand has already raised $2.5 million for cancer patients.

However, this is not only a way for us to help raise funds and awareness for cancer patients, but it allows us to recognise the benefits of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Dry July gives us the opportunity to recognise our drinking habits and make positive changes to our well being, not only challenging those social drinkers that like a glass of wine or two, but promoting healthy and responsible drinking that sticks to the recommended alcohol consumption guidelines. Through living a life of healthy alcohol consumption, this has many intrinsic benefits for our health and well being, leading to increased energy levels and productivity, clearer skin, a lowered chance of diabetes and heart disease, and a larger number in your bank account and no hangovers.

So get behind the cause and do something that benefits not only cancer patients but yourself, with Dry July becoming the best opportunity to change your lifestyle for the better! There are so many other healthy alternatives that taste just as good as a glass of wine, or a bottle of beer. Dry July has some tasty mocktail recipes that may not provide you with the same punch that a glass of alcohol does, but will give you something more to be happy about. So check out some of the mocktails below and hit up www.dryjuly.com/blogs/wellbeing and head to www.dryjuly.com/donate to support a worthwhile cause!