A Little Bit Lulu: Why Lululemon has taken off

Yoga is all the rage at the moment, especially during winter where you can cozy up in a warm studio wearing your most comfy and warm active wear. People are currently obsessed with gear from Lululemon, mainly for things like yoga but also not limited to.

Their clothing isn’t like other sports wear such as Nike, where it’s the typical plain running style. They create unique pieces that bring a new vibrancy to your everyday workout look. They incorporate various colours, materials and shapes that fit to every individual’s wants and needs. As well as selling clothing particularly for workout use, they also provide outwear and after class layers.

These give your workout outfit substance and make you feel more comfortable whether at home or on your way to a class. Accessorising has also become easier with there never ending supply of simple things such as socks and headbands, but also providing us with top of the line yoga mats. They’re double sided to suit the work out or class we’re doing and have different thicknesses for those wanting something easy to carry or to have extra cushioning!

They also include accessories for you accessories, such as carry bags and straps for your mat. While being a fresher view on active wear, the prices are still similar to your more mainstream sportswear which makes it totally worth it. The store not only gives amazing customer service but they also advertise free adjustments that your clothing may need, whether it be your tights too long, or top too baggy. No more getting into the same boring sportswear and going for a run, now’s the time to have fun with what we wear and feel good doing it!