Ariana Grande Cuts A Hole In Her Hat For Her Perfect Pony

Pop singer Ariana Grande shows us her take on a new style by cutting a hole in the top of her hat to accommodate for her signature ponytail. Grande must be super dedicated to her beloved pony to hack at her baseball cap simply so she can keep up the high pony look. We see the stars photo through a friends Instagram post.


Fans of Grande think this statement is absolutely great, and showed their appreciation through Twitter.



However, others think it’s completely ridiculous..


A fan asked Ariana why she’d cut and ruin a hat just so she could keep wearing a ponytail. She responded by saying that she didn’t cut the hole in the hat and that she actually has about 10 hats that accommodate for her long silky pony.

Legit? Ariana maybe you should just wear a visor?