The month of Broods: Three concerts, three cities

Broods are one of NZ’s leading music artists and they are performing three shows one in Christchurch’s Horncastle Arena on July 14th, Auckland’s Vector Arena on the 15th, and Wellington’s Shed 6 on the 17th. Their last show in Auckland was completely sold out in 2015 and they recently finished performing as Ellie Gouldings pre-act. Brother and sister duo Georgia and Caleb Nott have been creating music since 2013 and have rapidly released hit after hit.

Songs such as “Bridges”, “Never Gonna Change”, “Mother & Father” and more recently they collaborated with singer/songwriter Jarryd James on the song “1000x”. All of their albums and singles can be found on iTunes and other music platforms including their website as well as being constantly played on Music channels and radio stations. Georgia does the lead vocals and brother Caleb is the multi-instrumentalist for their Indie Pop, Electronica, and Electropop music. Their most recent album was released June 24th labelled “Conscious”, and is already on NZ’s Top 40 Album Chart.

The pair are constantly touring as they are loved internationally as well as within NZ. They have been nominated and won many awards for their successful tunes, including Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Best Group, Best Pop Album and Album of the Year. Tickets are from $59 but as there’s only one show it’s a must! Supporting one of NZ’s best not only for the amazing atmosphere and great music but also to encourage them to keep playing here as well as overseas, we must hold on to what was locally made!