Has Pokemon Go become the new Tinder?

Since the launch of Pokemon Go, it has been installed on more phones than Tinder. Not only is it racking up a mass amount of users but people are now getting dates due to this old school classic game.

A user on Reddit posted on Twitter “Pokemon Go got me a date”. They stated that after dinner they were walking around town playing the game trying to do enough km’s to hatch a Pokemon egg. A girl asked the user if they were playing Pokemon Go and at the end of the conversation they had scored a date for the next day.

And this isn’t the only story that’s shown people getting together due to their favorite childhood game. There are many people Tweeting about it …


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Some people are really unimpressed with this new way to ask people on dates and are Tweeting things in surprise such as:

Not impressed

But even married couples are using the game to extend on their date nights to add something different to do.


Others however, are taking the game to a whole new level and proposing.. And you’d think the response would be bad but surprisingly it’s not..


So will Pokemon Go become the next big thing people use instead of dating apps such as Tinder? Will more people go on actual Pokemon Go dates where they literally meet people and play the game?I’m not exactly convinced I see this as the new romantic experience, but if it’s what some people are into then why not. I see the date going a little more like this: