Why you should choose Matcha over regular green tea

So many cafes now offer the famous matcha green tea. For those of you who have never heard of it or those of you that have but don’t actually know what it is, it’s a special form of green tea made from powder (matcha legitimately means “powdered tea”).

Compared to normal green tea where we infuse the leaves, matcha is so much more beneficial as you actually drink the leaves. Due to the powder form, this is done by traditionally whisking the powder in hot water until it leaves foam on the surface. This shows the powder has dissolved in the water, making it able to be drunk. In Japanese tradition they use bamboo whisks and use a ceramic like bowl that they make and drink the matcha from. They also simply use hot water and the matcha alone, whereas in today’s modern world people have started using other ingredients such as honey and sugar syrup to make the drink sweeter while also adding milk to create a “matcha latte”.

Obviously this isn’t coffee, but does contain caffeine for those who want to cut back on coffee but still need their caffeine hit. Matcha has numerous health benefits as it is extremely rich in antioxidants.  These help with anti-aging, blood pressure, blood sugar, and fight against cancer and heart disease. Many people commit to having one cup of matcha a day, while others traditionally drink it during meditation.

Matcha is widely travelling the world and not only in the form of liquid anymore. People have started incorporating this powder into various foods and recipes either for its unique taste or amazing health positives. Different foods include matcha chocolate buttercups, muffins, smoothies, and ice cream. A delicious way to get in those antioxidants!