Orange is the New Black’s Matt McGorry Calls Out Radio Station For Sexist Segment

Matt McGorry from Orange is the New Black and How to Get Away with Murder, has been standing up for women since he heard a sexist segment on the radio while in a taxi. The “Fat Chick/Skinny Chick” segment on The Woody Show took callers that the hosts would then ask questions and guess whether the girl was fat or skinny. McGorry was disgusted by how sexist this was and widely spoke out on Twitter about his anger toward the segment.


The Woody Show responded to McGorry’s Tweets by Tweeting back that the actor was lying as the show only airs in the morning so he can’t possibly have heard the segment at night. Not only is this beside the point, but McGorry came back and ultimately shut them down by posting a video of him in the cab listening to the segment and discussing how offensive it is with the driver. You don’t need anymore proof than that!

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After The Woody Show realised they were in the wrong they attempted to try and get away from the negative spotlight and began Tweeting their support of important issues. McGorry as well as other listeners of the show Tweeted back other awful things the show has done as well as the “Fat Chick/Skinny Chick” segment.


Due to the backlash the show faced they quickly deleted many of their Tweets. Thinking they were in the clear the show was even more shocked when McGorry posted screen shots of the conversation so the show couldn’t get away with this one.



The Woody Show hasn’t responded and it’s probably best they don’t. Thanks Matt for sticking up for women and being the feminist you are!