Study Shows That Artificial Sweeteners Could Increase Your Appetite By 30%

In the past we have been told that artificial sweeteners are a good substitute for sugar. But lately studies have found that this may not be entirely true. They’re doing research that shows artificial sweeteners are making us crave more sweetness which makes us want to eat bad food, as well as making us feel hungrier.

Even though artificial sweeteners have a zero calorie content, they actually end up increasing our calorie intake by up to 30% due to the effect it has on our bodies. So people that are using this instead of sugar to help with things such as diabetes and maintaining a healthy diet are actually finding these different sweeteners are making it much worse.

Researchers at the University of Sydney began this study by testing the substance on fruit flies over a period of five days. The outcome showed artificial sweeteners created hyperactivity, insomnia, glucose intolerance, a more intense perception of sweetness, and an increase in appetite and in calories consumed. The leader of this research stated, “We found that inside the brain’s reward centers, sweet sensation is integrated with energy content. When sweetness versus energy is out of balance for a period of time, the brain re-calibrates and increases total calories consumed,”. This essentially means that the sweeteners tell your brain that you haven’t consumed enough to gain the amount of energy you need, and therefore makes you want more food and food that is deemed bad for you such as fatty and sugar foods like donuts and pizza.

The researches observed the difference with these artificial sweeteners and regular sugar. They found that sweeteners as well as sugar contain dopamine but the negative with sweeteners is that it has the initial effect of making us feel pleasure, but then fails to impact our blood sugar levels. As a result of this we end up craving more food unlike when we have normal sugar.

So ultimately using these sugar substitutes are actually making our health worse off. We shouldn’t be drinking diet drinks or buying these little sachets, we simple should stick with regular sugar but limit our intake to create a healthy balance.