Men Recreate Sexy Celebrity Photoshoots And Nails It

These men decided to do a shoot as an experiment to see what female celebrities go through for a photo shoot, as well as what the end result looks like and often how unrealistic they really are. They each chose an image of a female celeb that they believe has huge flaws in it’s photoshopping.

The men then went through the full experience of getting ready, doing hundreds of photos for the shoot and then watching the editing process. Each of them were exhausted and surprised by the results and discuss the level of violation they felt after seeing what the fashion industry turned them into. It showed them, as well as us what women, especially celebrities go through so often and that they usually have no control over what happens in the editing room.

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One of the guys chose a magazine cover from Ralph Lauren as he noticed how skinny the photoshop editing made the model.


Another chose the cover of Madonna’s “Hard Candy” album as you can see they removed all texture to her skin and ultimately made her look like some kind of smooth alien.


The third guy decided to go with a Victoria’s Secret underwear ad as she looks far too sculpted.


And lastly was an image of Kim Kardashian that shows the background image completely changed and certain parts of her body were majorly adjusted.


The men quickly found that the extent you have to go through to get one so called perfect photo done is a lot of hard work. They spent hours on end getting their makeup done, getting their whole body contoured and having their hair done. Even though the guys were finding this humorous, they began to see how females feel extremely objectified during these shoots and how emotionally as well as physically tiring the experience is.

After a hard days work the guys finally finished and we see the before and after photos here:

Ralph Lauren recreation:


Madonna recreation:


Victoria’s Secret recreation:


Kim Kardashian recreation:


All four of the men were horrified at how different the edited versions were to the original photos. They noticed that after seeing the photoshopped version, it made them feel far more insecure and noticed their flaws, and negative parts of themselves that they didn’t even notice before. They thought the experiment was extremely successful in showing not only the four of them the standards women face everyday but also the public.

Images from Buzzfeed