This guy went 222 days eating pizza!

Richard Meadows decided to eat pizza for 222 days straight. Everyday he went to Domino’s and ordered a $5 pizza off the menu, chowed it down and went about his usual day. It wasn’t until day 104 that Meadows began experiencing chest pain on his way home from work. He described the pain as originally being a cramp that graduated into a stabbing that made him feel breathless, like hot knives lunging into his rib cage. By 10pm that night he could barely move the pain was so intense and considered rushing to the emergency room.















Even though Meadows was eating a 1600 calorie pizza everyday, he was still constantly working out to try and stay in shape, or at least not become completely over weight from his change in diet. He stated this wasn’t some kind of experiment and more so a stunt to see whether we can eat the food we love more than is recommend without it being a hazard to our health. He chose pizza not only because he loves it, but also because it is classed as bad for you. All of those carbs, extra cheese and sauces entering his body each and every day would have you expecting weight gain and a straight road to diabetes.

On day 100, Meadows celebrated by doing a post of him with Domino’s boxes that formed a giant 100. However, on this day Meadows felt betrayed by his favorite pizza franchise when they removed the post he made on their Facebook page. As the company’s most loyal customer Meadows thought his tribute post being removed was wrong of Domino’s and therefore decided to part ways with his old go-to pizza place and change to Pizza Hut.















After his heartbreaking experience of unexplained post removal, Meadows decided to power on while leaving Domino’s behind, but carrying on his long and hard journey. Day 101 was his 19th birthday and of course Meadows celebrated with one large dish from Pizza Hut. Candle on top like a cake, Meadows devoured this pizza as if it were his last. He found that the chest pains he had been experiencing weren’t actually due to his so called unhealthy diet, but because of his extensive gym routine that caused him to pull a muscle. Doctors said the pizza eating king must rest and not do any heavy lifting for one month.


Meadows began visiting the same Pizza Hut each day and became closer with the same employee who worked there. The same worker ended up offering Meadows a whole new menu to excite his bored taste buds. Customer service at its finest, Meadows was thrilled with his company change. After 200 days of eating pizza, the stunt was beginning to come to a close. On the final day, Meadows called it quits as he had eaten his entire body weight in pizza. Meadows and his buddy’s celebrated with alcohol and setting fire to the hundreds of greasy pizza boxes he had proudly kept.

10684279_518867621638176_336999626_n Meadows now feels as thought the wacky stunt was a success and feels as though it’s not the carbs or sugar that we consume that is bad for us, it’s simply that people are ignorant. He believes we can eat whatever we like as long as we exercise enough and make other good lifestyle choices that will create a good healthy balance. He thinks people need to stop doing diets and detoxes that don’t actually work, and instead find what works for you, and that can include the “bad” food you love as long as you do it right.