Why Do Films Starring Women Get Critiqued Badly By Men?

Most films that star women never seem to do as well as those that star men, but why is this? Is it because society is far too used to having a male as the leading role? Or do people simply think that women can’t act as well as men? Statistics show that only 34 percent of film reviews are written by women, so the majority are from the view of a male. Does this prove the film critic industry is sexist?


The new Ghostbusters film just came out and even though it’s doing well, especially for a remake, it’s still being badly critique by men. 84 percent of women have given the film good reviews, but 77 percent of the overall bad ratings have been from men. People are saying that film critics should be equal amount men and women for each film to at least give women a fairer chance and being judge for the actual film instead of their gender. A study done by Dr. Martha M. Lauzen titled “Thumbs Down 2016: Top Film Critics and Gender” shows that men write more reviews than women in all genres.

Other films that have done extremely well but badly critiqued by men are the famous Mean Girls, Bridesmaids, and Pitch Perfect and these are only a few of our favorites. Statistics show that Pitch Perfect received 93 percent negative views from men, but 94 percent of women loved the film.


Bridesmaids received 78 percent negative reviews from men and 88 percent positive reviews from women.


And lastly our throw back that we love to quote, Mean Girls received 75 percent negative reviews from men, but then 82 percent of women gave it amazing ratings.


These aren’t the only films that suffer the unfair critique of males and fall lower in the box office due to sexism. Many big faces such as Meryl Streep have been trying to bring an end to this, and speaking out about making the film critic industry more fair and to stop diminishing the films that females seem to love. Many of Streeps films have hit the same rocky roads that these films have due to her being the protagonist. She believes men are far to stuck in a world where all stories and films should star men and that they should always be the ‘hero’ and females in the background.

This discrimination needs to stop. Not only is it already negatively affecting the film industry, but it could potentially mean that we may not get to see many more great films such as Mean Girls, as people won’t want to risk making females the stars due to bad reviews and large loss of money.