Mills Reef winery was established in 1989 by the Preston family in Tauranga, the winery has its roots in the Kiwifruit business producing Kiwi fruit wine for the Japanese market. They have grown and changed from those days moving to traditional wines  with the bulk of their vineyards in Hawkes Bay and specialising in Bordeaux style wines like Syrah and Chardonnay.  This is a rich full bodied Chardonnay made in a classic  bordeaux style – full , rich and creamy and slightly oaky with intense apricot and grapefruit flavours. An intriguing Chardonnay, finely balanced blend from their very best Hawkes Bay vineyards. The apricot and grapefruit flavours are complemented flavours, by butterscotch and flinty fresh lemon-lime notes. Maturation in quality oak barrels further contributes to the spicy and nutmeg accents. Complex and vibrant, this wine is immediately appealing, and will also greatly reward cellaring over the medium term.

Remember to drink responsibly.