Wine Review: Spy Valley’s ‘Easy Tiger’ Sauvignon Blanc 2016

As we move into the warmer seasons we start to enjoy a little more of the outdoors while the sun shines. We are all looking forward to long lunches and balmy summer nights after a long cold winter. In order to last the distance though, it is worth considering some of the lower alcohol alternatives that are available. In the past lower alcohol has meant that the alcohol has been removed – the problem is that this has also meant quite a reduction in taste. However, a new range of low alcohol wines like Spy Valley’s newest addition ‘Easy Tiger’ Sauvignon Blanc use quite a different process with regular fermentation using less sugar and the consequence is less alcohol without compromising the taste.

Based on the in Southeastern arm of the Marlborough wine growing region and named after the well known spy base in the Waihopai valley, Spy Valley produces some fantastic Sauvignon Blancs (their Envoy Sauvignon Blanc is outstanding). If you want to make those long lunches and long balmy nights last that little bit longer then this Sauvignon Blanc is well worth trying. No compromises, it is a lovely Sauvignon Blanc and it won’t have you rolling in the isles.

Pale straw in colour with Classic Sauvignon Blanc aromas of bell pepper, grapefruit and citrus zest. The taste is crisp and alive, with sweet pea and tropical fruit flavours. Wood-smoke and mineral nuances from barrel fermentation.

Remember to drink responsibly.