5 Amazing Ways To Spice Up Your Morning Toast

Who doesn’t reach for a slice or two of toast in the mornings? It’s the easiest breakfast to have when you’ve just rolled out of bed. But sometimes having the usual Marmite can get a little bit boring. As breakfast is the most important meal of the day, here’s some new ideas.

1. Breakfast teddies

Not only is this cute as a button but it’s super tasty and easy to do. If you have kids it’s also a great way to make breakfast more exciting. All you need is some peanut butter, banana and a few berries of your choice.

2. Avocado and feta

Avocado and feta go so well together. Especially on a nice grainy bread. Add a little pepper on top and you’ve got a tasty and filling breakfast.

3. Sweet and savoury

Spice things up with a little combo of different toppings for each slice. Mashed avo with some chilli flakes is a great savory option. While some peanut butter with banana and pumpkin seeds brings a sweeter taste. Adding honey to your peanut butter is another tasty sweet breakfast!

4. Mushroom and spinach toast

Mushroom and spinach go so well together. They also fill you up really well so you won’t be feeling hungry before lunch. If you have time, you can also add a poached egg on top for extra protein. Plus the combo of egg, spinach and mushroom always tastes great.

5. Mermaid toast

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Mermaid toast! ?: @zoetattersall and @vibrantandpure

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This is the prettiest toast trend around. It’s really just colourful cream cheese but it looks awesome. Plus cream cheese on toast tastes great. Check out our post on this colourful trend for more info.