The Best Cities To Soak Up The Sun This Summer

At this point in time I feel like I’m probably more lizard than human. If I could just lie in a rock in the sunshine forever I think I’d be pretty happy. If skin cancer and sun burn weren’t a thing of course. Interestingly enough, cereal brand Special K has revealed which cities in New Zealand are the sunniest and which are the most lacking when it comes to that good old vitamin D.

Often called the “sunshine vitamin” vitamin D is pretty important for all of us. Where you live geographically can be a big factor in upping your levels so it might be a good idea to take a holiday this Summer to one of the more sunny cities.

Special K creators Kelloggs had a look at research done into vitamin D to see how much Kiwi women are actually getting. According to the Ministry of Health one in four New Zealand women have below the recommended level of vitamin D.

To combat this Special K is now the first New Zealand cereal to be fortified with vitamin D.

The top five sunniest NZ cities:

1. Blenheim

2. New Plymouth

3. Nelson

4. Whakatane

5. Gisbourne

The least sunny:

1. Palmerston North

2. Invercargill

3. Dunedin

4. Hamilton

5. Greymouth