7 Of The Best Benefits Green Tea Has To Offer

I’m a huge advocate of the green tea trend, I love it. Not only do I enjoy the taste but it has a lot of health benefits which are an extra plus.

Green tea being good for us is a fact that we often hear or see strewn around health websites and Instgram profiles, so I decided to dig a bit deeper and see what the best health benefits green tea has to offer really are and why we should all be drinking it.

Green tea has been used widely throughout Asia for thousands of years. Due to the process in which green tea is made it also retains more antioxidants than black tea making it more beneficial.

Obviously green tea is no magical cure for illnesses, but drinking some green tea everyday can help to keep you in good health.

Weight loss

Green tea can often help people lose excess weight due to the fact it has virtually zero calories and healthy ingredients. It is listed as a zero calorie beverage meaning that it is a good way of changing it up from just drinking water without having to worry about calories. Tea can also help to keep you full between meals.

Prevents stress

Green tea and its extracts have been linked to reducing and preventing stress studies have shown.

Healthy gums

If you want to keep your smile in tip-top shape look no further than green tea. Green tea’s anti-inflammatory properties help to prevent and control gum disease. Many studies have shown that regular green tea drinkers have healthier gums than those who do not.

Good for your eyes

Green tea contains vitamin C, E and lutein which are all antioxidants thought to protect and strengthen the tissues in our eyes. The strengthening of these tissues can help protect our eyes from diseases such as glaucoma.

Lower blood pressure

High blood pressure can be combated by green tea. It contains flavonoids that promote heart health and can lower the risk of developing high blood pressure. Participants of one study showed significantly lowered blood pressure after three months of consuming green tea extract.


For severe headaches and migraines drinking a cup of green tea can help to relieve the symptoms. Its anti-inflammatory nature helps to ease the pain of aches.

The common cold

At this time of year colds and the flu are running rampant. However, green tea may be able to help you avoid the winter sniffles. Green tea contains antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties which are both ingredients to help protect your body from common colds.

So why not add an extra cup of green tea into your daily routine? and enjoy the almost endless health benefits this drink has to offer.



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