Julia From Angus And Julia Stone Tells Us About Their New Album And Why She Can’t Wait To Visit New Zealand

Dreamy Australian sibling duo Angus and Julia Stone are about to release their fourth studio album ‘Snow’. As well as returning to our shores to play shows in both Auckland and Wellington. We had a chat with Julia Stone to find out what to expect from their newest album and the place she’s most excited to visit in New Zealand.

What can we expect from your new album ‘Snow’?

It’s the most reflective album we’ve made of who we are – our relationship, what we sound like together and creating a unified sound.

Angus and I had hardly ever written music together before this, we decided to try it, we enjoyed it, then we just turned up to studio and started writing together. We’ve been playing together since 2006 so it’s taken us a long time as people to get to this place.


How does it differ from your last album?

It’s a lot more playful than our other albums, there’s more tracks I want to move to. We have elements of heartbreak but overall, it’s a more uplifting album. Showing that there’s more to life than just relationships.


Is it hard working with a sibling?

Angus and I have worked together for 11 years, at times we needed space and did our own individual music, we’re in a place now where there’s a lot of natural friendship.


What’s your favourite place in New Zealand?

We’ve Only played here twice, we visited Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland. I love Auckland it was really fun, it’s a very creative community and we had a nice night out after the show. There’s something special about Christchurch I love the people that I’ve met there. This year when we tour New Zealand we’re going to take some time after our show to travel around and go to Milford sounds. I’ve been getting into hiking lately so I’m excited to do some of that while I’m there.


Do you have an all-time fave venue to play?

Palais Theatre in Melbourne where I live would be my favourite, it’s very old and beautiful with these gorgeous velvet seats. The civic theatre in Auckland is a magical place too its very beautiful and old. There’s also a venue in Leon in France that’s a natural amphitheatre, so it’s all outside. You’re playing in the ruins of this really old place and people sit on the stone steps with cushions. At the end of the show its tradition to throw your cushions into the sky it’s amazing.


Why is the album named Snow?

We went to Switzerland last year where we played a festival and had talks of making another album. While we were there we stayed in the snow for a week and a half afterwards and it was one of the most beautiful places we’d ever been. We had an incredible time together – usually me and Angus are either with the rest of the band or just other people but this was just the two of us, so it was really nice to have that time together. The first song we wrote for this album was snow so it seemed fitting to call it that.


What’s your personal favourite song from the album?

I love “Nothing Else” it was a nice memory. We were sitting on the veranda at Angus’s place and it was beautiful. The sun comes right through the studio. We just sat there for an hour playing the chorus over and over again. Although I change my mind every day about which song is my favourite. I love them all, we always wanted to make this record.


You can buy Angus and Julia Stone’s new album ‘Snow’ on September 15 through Itunes or in-store. Or you can see them live at the The Civic in Auckland on December 15 and in Wellington at the St James Theatre on December 16. You can buy tickets here.