Arepa: The Brand New Kiwi Drink To Make You Think

A new health drink that’s gaining traction fast is claiming to improve our thinking. Arepa was created by New Zealander Angus Brown and has already gained attention on Instagram.

Within the website’s bio it claims to be scientifically designed brain nutrition, created by science and sourced by nature.

This health drink was created right here in New Zealand. It’s caffeine free, full of antioxidants and 100 per cent natural.

The key ingredients are pine-bark extract Enzogenol. This is a health ingredient said to support healthy brain activity and reduce stress. It also includes New Zealand blackcurrants, the anthocynanins from which are said to produce several health benefits, including helping people think sharper under stress.

If you need extra concentration or a boost throughout the day give this drink a try. The site advises you to try the drink around 20 minutes before you need mental clarity. This includes things like- a big meeting or presentation, exams or when you have to put in some extra hours at work.

You can buy the drink from the DrinkArepa website with a box of 3 costing $20.95.

So if you find yourself having trouble putting down the red bull maybe give this bad boy a try.