Autumn And Winter Makeup Trends You’re About To See Everywhere

As we settle in to autumn and get closer to the approach of winter it also means it’s time for a makeup revamp. The natural dewy looks from summer can now be replaced by more dramatic looks. Berry coloured lipsticks, and metallic eye shadows can reign once again.

This autumn and winter the bold trend is set to continue. So get ready to see these makeup trends a lot throughout the colder months.

Metallic everything

Metallic colours have been HUGE lately and the trend is set to intensify throughout autumn and winter. Eye shadow and lipsticks in metallic hues will be everywhere. For a bold and intense eye look using a metallic cream eye shadow can help for a stronger pigment.

Earth toned lipstick

Liquid lipsticks in neutral and earthy tones are also a staple for autumn. From deep or earthy browns, to lighter almost grey colours. A bold brown lip is great to pump up your look if you want to keep the eyes more minimal.

Artsy eyeliner

Using a simple black eyeliner has taken on a whole new form! Bold and graphic eyeliner designs are being seen everywhere. Adding a thin black line in the crease, or putting it all around your eye. For some bold eyeliner inspo you can check out one of our previous posts showing some good ways you can spice up your everyday liner.

Berry lips

Is it really autumn if you don’t wear at least one berry lip shade? Deep shades of berry look stunning, wear them with a bold eye look, or a classic cat eye, or even with no eye makeup at all. With berry shades the look is all about the lips.

Glitter eyes

A good way to jazz up any eye look is by adding a dash of glitter. Put a glittery eye shadow or liner on. This is a good way to make yourself feel better on a grey and rainy day. There’s nothing like a bit of cheeky glitter to make you feel like magic.


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