Ben Bayly’s Top Tips: Cooking For A Young Family

We all know kids can be the most discerning eaters, but with the rise in super foods and shows like Masterchef Junior, kids tastes and preferences have become more expansive than generations before. Samsung has partnered with multi-award-winning chef Ben Bayly following the release of Samsung’s Family Hub Fridge to provide his top tips on how he manages to cook for his young family.

 1. Keep it simple

With kids, the less complex, the better! Sticking to classic flavours and not too much seasoning is the way to go.

“Tonight, we’re having roast chicken and vegetables and last night we had crumbed Hoki with beetroot, radish, broccoli and beans salad. We love to get food from the garden, focusing on herbs and root vegetables. Simplicity is key!” says Bayly.

“My restaurant at The Grounds also keeps it simple. I know that kids love meat, carrots and yummy things. So I make it as healthy and delicious as I can while still providing something that parents wouldn’t be able to cook at home.”


2. Feed them with kindness

“My advice to parents is to be really overly positive with your kids by reinforcing the pleasure of trying new things. My kids can be fussy, but all kids are mini versions of ourselves, so if they hear you saying, ‘My kid won’t eat that!’ then they won’t,” says Bayly.

“I also love to cook together where possible so that they can invest in what they are eating. The Samsung Family Hub Fridge makes it so easy. I can bring recipes up right on the screen so the kids can follow along.”


3.Tasty and healthy

With so many extreme diets in fashion at the moment, it’s hard to find a balance between taste and nutrition.

“For me, ‘tastes good’, means ‘butter’ and ‘healthy’, means ‘fresh’. In our house we like to keep the balance by not indulging in a lot of carbohydrate-heavy food. For instance, we’ll cook with kumara instead of potato. But we indulge in sugar in the delicious ice cream that we serve at the restaurant. We prefer to have small moments of indulgence in an overall balanced diet,” says Bayly.


The Samsung Family Hub Fridge is available in New Zealand in Black Caviar colour and retails at Noel Leeming, with an RRP of $9,999.

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