These Are The 10 Best Health Apps That You Need To Download Right Now

Smartphones have been changing the way we live since the mid 2000’s; they help us remember important events and meetings, stay in contact with friends and family, edit photos, and even find dates. We can also use our phones to lead a healthier happier life. You just need the right health apps to do this.

Scrolling through the iTunes store you can find a massive amount of different health apps, from easy workouts to try at home to calorie and weight trackers. However, it can be a little time consuming figuring out which of these apps will actually help you achieve your goals. But never fear! we have compiled a list of our top 10 favourite health apps that are bound to improve your life.

My Fitness Pal (Free)

Alright, you’ve probably heard of this app before, but if you don’t already have it downloaded, you should do it right now! Seriously, right this second. My Fitness pal is a great way to track your fitness goals. You can use it as a calorie counter and it calculates how many calories you should eat based on your weight loss or gain goals. It also lets you know the nutritional value of nearly everything you eat so you can make sure you’re getting enough protein, carbs, and iron. Without a doubt one of the most effective apps to keep you on track with your health goals.

Zombies, Run! 5 K Training ($1.99)

If you’re in need of a little extra motivation to add to your runs then Zombies, Run! is here to help with that. With an 8 week training program and the sound of groaning zombies in your ear you’ll be running faster and longer in no time. There’s really no better running motivation than being chased by an undead horde.

Zova (Free)

In this app you will meet ‘Zara’ who will be your smart personal trainer. Zara will guide you through whatever workout you’re looking for whether it’s walking, running, strength training, or stretching. It’s another app that stores all your workout data so you don’t have to. Making it easier to achieve your goals.

Meditation Studio (2.99)

Another important part of living a healthy lifestyle is keeping your stress levels down. This app takes you through guided meditations. If you’re anything like me, you might find meditation apps pointless usually, but this app has meditation to suit different needs. It has over 160 different meditations to choose from so you’ll never get bored.

Motion Traxx (Free)

Do you love listening to music while at the gym but hate having to put together a good work out playlist? This app does it for you. The app combines coaching from world class trainers with music designed to set the perfect intensity for whatever stage of the workout you are at.

Strong Lifts 5X5 (Free)

If you’re more into weight training and lifting at the gym this app is perfect for you. It keeps track of the exercise as well as the number of sets and reps you have done. It also calculates your rest time. If you’re wanting to get some serious gains this app will help you become stronger, faster.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (Free)

An important part of staying healthy is making sure you get the enough sleep at night. This handy app measures your sleep cycle. By analyzing you sleep state this app acts as an alarm and wakes you up when your’re in the lightest sleep state. Meaning that groggy mornings should be a thing of the past. Being woken up feeling refreshed and awake also makes it easier to get on with the day and achieve your goals.

Pocket Yoga ($4.49)

This app offers over 200 illustrated and detailed voice instruction. Good for beginners looking to get started with yoga without going to classes. Also good for those with some experience who need some extra inspiration in spicing up their daily yoga routine.

7 Minute Workout Challenge ($2.99)

If you find that you’re constantly strapped for time try out this app for some 7 minute workout guides. Here you can access 12 different exercises to be performed in 30 second intervals with 10 second rest times. This is a high intensity work out but is great if you find you don’t have time to go to the gym. You can do these exercises anywhere, anytime.

Fooducate (Free)

Healthy eating is a big part of keeping up with good health. Fooducate helps you steer towards a healthier and more nutritious diet. It also includes a bar code scanner so you can check how much nutritional value foods at your local supermarket really have.

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