The Absolute Best Documentaries On Netflix Right Now

You can find a treasure trove of documentaries on Netflix about interesting, disturbing, and just straight up bizarre things just waiting to be discovered. So if you’re looking for something that will change your world view, shock you, and inform you, get comfy on the couch with a warm cup of tea and try watching one of these mind blowing Netflix documentaries.

1. Welcome To Leith (2015)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a white supremacist tried to take over a tiny American town? Probably not, but that is exactly what happened to the tiny North Dakota town of Leith. It documents the towns struggle against one man’s extremist vision, filmed over eight months.

2. My Sex Robot (2010)

This documentary takes a look at the people who are creating the worlds first sex robot and those who can’t wait to be the first customers. Be prepared to see some disturbingly unreal robots and be shocked by the amount of demand for them.


3. Holy Hell (2016)

This gives you an inside look at a Los Angeles cult with a dark secret, directed by Will Allen an ex-member of the cult Buddha field you get to see footage from inside the cult as well as interviews with an array of different ex-cult members.

4. Men In Rubber Masks (2014)

The world of female masking is explored in this Netflix documentary; where men transform themselves into lifelike female dolls using body suits and silicone masks. With interviews with ‘maskers’ from America, England, and Germany it’s an interesting look into the community that you didn’t know even existed.


5. Miss Representation (2011)

This documentary takes a thought provoking look at the way that women are portrayed in the media. It also is quite an eye-opening view on the under-representation of females in leadership positions. A good look at the way women are treated in the media and inside of the workplace.

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