Blue Wine Is Officially A Thing That Exists

We truly are living in exciting times. You’ve heard of red wine, you’ve heard of white wine, you’ve heard of pink wine – but brace yourselves for a fourth option. Blue wine.

The idea all began with a Spanish company named Gik who recently launched the first ever blue wine in their home country. This week however, Gik began expanding their blue product across the Atlantic to the United States and who knows, maybe New Zealand will be next.

The blue wine is created from grapes from a variety of different wineries which the brand then transform into their own product. In fact, the company mix both red and white grapes together to form this drink.

On their website Gik states there is currently no category for blue wine in the European union (unsurprisingly). For this reason they have started a petition to force the wine world to adapt to modern times.

But why is it blue?

Apart from looking pretty this is one of the questions many of us would like answers to. Gik state the reason for choosing blue is because in colour psychology blue represents movement and innovation. As well as being associated with fluidity and change.

They create the blue colour through technological processes of wine pigmentation with a touch of indigo dye thrown in. As a little bonus it also doesn’t contain any added sugars.

The website also includes some handy videos on cocktails you can create with their blue wine. While we’re still a little bit unsure on what the taste of this creation will really be like it definitely does make an attractive looking drink.

Currently it can be purchased online and in-store throughout Europe as well as in the United States. A bottle retails for 10 euros which is $16NZD for 750 ml.

I’m pretty certain we’ll be seeing a lot more of this drink on our Instagram feeds over the coming months!




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