The Body Positive Instagram Accounts You Should Check Out

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life feeling less than happy with my looks, and as much as I love social media I know there have been times where it’s affected my self-esteem. When you’re constantly scrolling through images of people who all look a certain way and have a certain body shape it’s easy to become disheartened, which is why I’m such a big fan of Instagram accounts that celebrate the human body and don’t try and mask or edit out the less then perfect parts we all have.

So if you’re feeling as though your Instagram needs a little bit more positivity injected into it, why not try giving one of these ladies a follow?

Barbie Ferreria

Barbie is A 21-year-old model who often posts about the truth behind the plus-size fashion industry as well as having a no Photoshop stance. Her feed is filled with body positvity and hella good style.


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TODAY I GREW RAINBOW WINGS AND FLEW AROUND THE WORLD DESTROYING DIET CULTURE AND SPRINKLING SELF LOVE ON EVERYONE ??? Okay I didn't but I DID have an amazing day at @bodykindfestival ? today I did a talk all about body positivity and how to let go of the fear of fat, and yesterday I got to go into the local school and speak with hundreds of kids about body image. So I pretty much FEEL like I have rainbow wings (swipe to see how majestic they are!) Thank you so much to @dinah.gibbons and everyone else at @bodykindfestival for making this weekend happen, I am so grateful and my heart is so full. ????? P.s. shoutout to my bae @theunedit for the ? @fannysparkler for being the brains behind the wings and @schoolofstrut for holding one up and hiding behind it so sneakily ??

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Bodyposipanda is an account created by Megan Jayne Crabbe and she’s an absolute delight to follow. Her feed is full of bright pastel colours and positive messages. Megan overcame an eating disorder and decided she wanted to help other women with their body issues as well.

Sara Geurts

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SWIPE ? My disorder could stop me from living a normal life, but I won’t let it stop me from anything. If I covered up with clothes and hid myself, I would not be honoring who I really am. This is me. I am Sara. I am powerful, bold and beautiful! I am proud of who I am. I will not hide myself from the world. We are all unique in our own ways. I know you are strong. I know you are powerful. Let’s be strong and powerful together. ? Photo by ? – @photo_karizza @xeharcurvy @xeharstyle @xeharapp @dianabyxehar @xeharteen @pricillakaterena @dianasirokai @ambernicolewilliams_ @thiickting • • • • • • • • • • #AConfidentYou #MyFlawsAreMyPower #photoshoot #photography #ehlersdanlossyndrome #ehlersdanlos #effyourbeautystandards #inmyskiniwin #loveyourbody #loveyourlines #selflove #imperfections #perfectlyimperfect #beauty #blessed #inspire #embrace #beyou #bebeautiful #real #vibes #model #ilovemybody #bodypositive

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26-year-old Sara Geurts has a rare skin condition called Ehlers Danlos syndrome. It causes her skin to be fragile and loose as well as giving her muscle and joint pains. She began her account as a way to become more confident in her own body as well as helping others dealing with the disorder.

Amber Nicole Williams

Amber was diagnosed with Vitiligo as a child and used to try and hide her condition with makeup. She’s now learned to love the skin she has and aims to help others find their own confidence too.

Allison Kimmey

Allison is a self-love author and speaker who speaks about learning to love your body and not constantly obsessing over how you look in a swimsuit, or how much you’ve eaten on that day. She also posts some adorable posts of herself and her daughter as well as giving advice on how to talk about body postivity with your kids.

Bo Stanley

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You know how many times I’ve been afraid? Too afraid to be “too much”- too strong , too outspoken, too vulnerable , too shy, too this or that. Success began for me when I let go of the fear . I decided I was able to be whatever I wanted to be and those that didn’t understand were not meant to be in my life , as well as letting go of ideas of what opportunities were meant to be mine . Success is just OWNING who you are, every moment , every flaw, curve, soft and rough edges. They are yours and what makes you authentically you. And in return ,the people and opportunities meant to be in your life will be natural, real and authentic. Here’s to being whatever kind of woman you want to be !!! And also continuing to learn to let go of the fear on this journey with you !????? #strongisbeautiful #beyou #empoweringwomen #powerofshe

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Bo is a surfer, athlete and body activist. She promotes the idea that working out should be about being healthy, strong and feeling empowered rather than worrying about clothing sizes or weight. If you’re into yoga, athletics or surfing she’s a must-follow!