Christmas Recipe: How To Make Santa Hat Blinis

If you’re looking for something cute and tasty to prepare on Christmas day as a starter or a snack blinis are perfect. By adding these cute little ‘santa hats’ you can also make them perfectly Christmas themed. These Santa hat blinis are a crowd-pleaser for people of all ages.


1 packet Marcel’s Fancy Blinis (in your supermarket’s freezer section)

300ml cream, whipped (or use whipped cream in a can!)

24 strawberries (or roughly three packs)


Warm blinis as per packet instructions, then allow to cool completely.

Slice the leaves off each strawberry to create a flat base.

Using a piping bag, pipe a ring of cream onto blinis.

Place a strawberry flat side down on top of the cream.

Add another small dot of cream to the top of the strawberry.

Serve immediately!