The Five Cutest Independent Book Stores You Should Visit This Weekend

There’s just something about independent book stores that I love. The character, the smell, everything. As it turns out I’m not alone in this. In fact, many Kiwis still frequent Independent book stores.

Tucked around our country independent book stores still live on and they’re the perfect place to go for some time-out on the weekends. Here’s a few of our fave independent book stores we think you need to visit.

1. Hard To Find Books, Onehunga

Is it wrong to be in love with a book store? The Onehunga store is just perfect and is jam-packed full of books from all different time periods. This shop is full of rare and collectible books and you never know what gems you may find. They also have a store open in Dunedin.

2. Village Books, Waipapa

In the far North just outside of Keri Keri is this sweet little store. This shop has a great array of new and old second hand books as well as some books dating back to the 1800’s. It also has a cafe right next to it that does great coffee. Who doesn’t enjoy a good cup of coffee and a book?

3. Unity Books, Wellington

Wellington has been home to Unity Books for a long time. The workers here are great and there’s lots of space to get comfy or browse the shelves.

4. Bookmark Secondhand Books, Devonport

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Love the smell of the old books!?

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This little shop in Devonport has a great selection and is super cute. It has a very old fashioned vibe and a lot of books on history and navies. There’s also a few cool old artifacts and paintings around the shop which are also for sale.

5. Auckland Women’s Bookshop, Ponsonby

This independent book store has been around for nearly thirty years and is still going strong. The store also holds a lot of women focused events. Things like poetry readings and book clubs. The ladies here also have a great knowledge and passion for books which will make your visit unforgettable.