Can Wearing Certain Colours Actually Make You Happy?

2017 is the year to get happy! I think we can all agree that 2016 was a pretty bad year all around, and now that most of us are back to the daily 9 to 5 grind the end of holiday blues are definitely kicking in! So it’s time to ditch the monochromatic clothes and slip into something a little more cheerful to get 2017 off to a fantastic start. Cue dopamine dressing.

Dopamine dressing , the style that is said to be able to turn a normal day into something a little more joyful. This February is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying on vibrant colours, patterns, and textures. The catwalks have been littered with bright colours set to inspire from floral and candyfloss pink dresses at Giambattista Villa, to Fanta orange at Armani, it’s all about positive dressing, to create positive thinking.

Kendall Jenner claims that the shade Baker-Miller pink brings her a sense of happiness, calm, and even suppresses hunger. But can adorning yourself in bright colours really change your mood? The short answer is yes.

A 2012 study  looked at the way that clothes can affect our thoughts. In one experiment, some participants wore a jacket described as a doctor’s coat and others an identical jacket described as a painter’s coat. Participants wearing what they thought was a doctor’s coat performed better in a task than those who thought they were in a painter’s coat. The paper suggests that the influence of clothes, and wearing an outfit that we feel confident and happy in can affect your mood depending on the symbolic meaning you place on the piece.

So putting on a La La Land yellow dress or a jumper with a positive quote stamped across it may not suddenly make our lives better, wearing something bright that you also feel confident in can improve your mood and that happiness can spread to those around you.

So why not get happy and inject some extra colour into your day and give ‘wearing the rainbow’ a try.

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