Dreams Do Come True: Edible Oreo Cookie Dough Now Exists

Today marks a truly magical day- the heavens have opened up and presented us with possibly the tastiest treat ever. We’ve seen some pretty mouth-watering Oreo trends over the years- Oreo s’mores,  peanut butter Oreo’s and more. But now the magnum opus of Oreo’s has been released… Oreo cookie dough.

The folks over at The Cookie Dough Cafe created a cookies and cream flavour that’s loaded with chunks of real Oreo cookies. It’s the perfect chance to eat cookie dough (made without eggs btw) straight from the jar.

The product was spotted in-stores within the United States or their products can be ordered online. 


Unfortunately, this product can’t be purchased in New Zealand yet, but hopefully one day soon this deliciousness will make it to our shores.

While you wait for that day check out The Cookie Dough Cafe’s Instagram to get some serious food envy.