The Empowering Speech Cate Blanchett Gave At The InStyle Awards

“Just because women dress sexy doesn’t mean we want f— you”. These were the words Australian actress Cate Blanchett said when she took the stage at the InStyle Awards 2017.

Cate Blanchett took home the Style Icon Award and used her acceptance speech to celebrate and empower women for wearing what they want. She dedicated the award to all the women who are fearless in their style.

“For me, the true icons of style, and I think there’s a bit of a theme emerging here tonight, it’s that for me it’s always those women who’ve been utterly themselves without apology. Whose physical presence and their aesthetic is really integrated in a non self-conscious way,” she said.

“Women who know how they look. It’s not all of who they are but just an extension of that. It’s about women who feel free to wear what they want when they want and how they want to wear it.”

She also took the time to mention the comments many people make about the way a woman, especially celebrities on the red carpet, dress.

“Women like looking sexy, but it doesn’t mean we want to f— you. No one says to Steve Bannon, ‘you look like a bag of trash. Do you want me to throw you out?’ But the comments that get said about what women wear on the red carpet—I mean. If you troll through those trolls on the Internet, just don’t.”

“I just say, bring it on, ladies! Break it wide open. I think you’re all extraordinary.”

What Blanchett says is true, and is a welcome reminder in the wake of comments made by famous fashion designer Donna, who accused women of “asking for it” by wearing revealing outfits on the red carpet.

The main message we’ve taken away from this is wear whatever the hell you want. If you feel confident in an outfit it really doesn’t matter what anyone else has to say.