Experts Reveal Four Things You Can Do To Increase Your Happiness

The search of happiness is something that scientists have been researching for years. What makes you happy, how you can increase your happiness and why it’s so much easier for some people than others.

While there’s no way to feel happy 100 per cent of the time, neuroscience can help us to bring more happiness into our lives. Which will help you become a happier person overall.

Here are four of the ways we can make ourselves feel happier:

1. Be grateful

When you’re feeling low it’s helpful to think about what things you like in your life. What and who are you grateful for? Focusing on the positives in life is always a mood-lifter and thinking about friends and family can help take your mind off problems you’re facing. Neuroscience states that gratitude actually affects us biologically. It gives us a boost of serotonin and dopamine. You can even try writing a list about the things that are good in your life to look at when you need a boost.

2. Be consciousĀ of your feelings

Figuring out what emotions you’re feeling can help to control them. Don’t try to get rid of emotions- take a moment realise what it is and move on. This can help get rid of negative feelings faster. A study showed that putting feelings into words like this helped increase happiness and reduce stress.

3. Make a decision

Indecision can lead to a lot of stress. Neuroscience shows that making a firm decision will help to eliminate worry and stress. This is because it helps us feel like we’re more in control of situations. It also gives us a pleasure boost. By choosing to do something instead of being forced to do it makes us feel better and more happy about doing it.

4. Hugs

Ahhhh the healing power of hugs. Hugging releases endorphin’s and helps to improve relationships. Human touch plays a big role in keeping most of us happy. Spending time with people you care about is a sure-fire way to improve your mood.