Female Celebrities That Want To Change Our World For The Better

In celebration of International Women’s Day let’s take a look at some of the female celebrities who have worked on their part to change our world for the better. From actresses to politicians these women have made big changes in how the media perceives women. So take a tip from these ladies, get inspired, and go change the world!

Michelle Obama

This former first lady has done some seriously wonderful things for women’s rights to education. She launched her own initiative ‘Let Girls Learn’ to help young women around the globe get better access to education. “I never cut class. Strove to get A’s, I liked being smart, I liked being on time. I thought being smart is cooler than anything in the world.” We’re still secretly wishing she’d stand for president of the United States, Michelle 2020 anyone?


Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox challenged gender roles within music throughout the 1980’s. Now she continues to use her voice for important causes. Annie Lennox is also involved in the Mothers 2 Mothers campaign. The campaign aims to empower HIV positive women. With the hopes to end HIV in children.


Emma Watson

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the gender equality youth activists (Elizabeth, Mervis, Patricia and Tamara) I met with back in Lilongwe, Malawi. We discussed the issues girls face in Malawi and how organisations like @CAMFED, @UNWOMEN and the Malawi Girl Guides Association are helping them overcome these challenges. There is lots of work to be done, and more resources are desperately needed, but I’m hopeful for the future after seeing the enthusiasm these young women have for change. I know they will be holding President Mutharika to his commitment to end child marriage in Malawi within five years! #goal5 My jacket and trousers are from @edun. The sustainable organic cotton canvas material is sourced from a mill in South Africa. The material is untreated which avoids any harmful chemical treatments or finishing processes, which is much better for the environment. Shoes were by @ancientgreeksandals. They are handmade locally by skilled craftsmen in Greece using traditional techniques that have existed for centuries. The chemical free, natural tan leather ages beautifully with time and wear. Perfect for #30wears! I’m rewearing recycled jewellery from @allbluesofficial #30wears PS. You may have noticed me talking about my clothes recently – I’m trying to be conscious about where my clothes come from and also about the people who make them. Just in case you wondering! (I’m not being paid by brands to do this btw!) All fashion info verified by @ecoage

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Emma Watson regularly speaks up for gender equality. As an ambassador for UN Women she speaks to empower women. As a representative for the campaign  HeForShe Emma encourages discussion on men and feminism. Emma also encourages young women to read more books. This lady doesn’t slow down!

Laverne Cox

Not only does she play Sophia in arguably, one of the best Netflix shows ever invented, but Laverne is often called ‘the unofficial face of the transgender community in Hollywood’. Laverne gives talks around America to raise awareness for Transgender children. She’s also the first ever openly transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy.

Janelle Monae


Monae has been very vocal over social media about her Anti-Trump stance. She has attended multiple protests for women’s rights. Janelle also delivered a very powerful speech at the Women’s March in Washington DC. As well as playing major roles in two hit films from this year ‘Hidden Figures’ and ‘Moonlight’.


Rowan Blanchard

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At only 15 years old Rowan Blanchard who acted in Disney Channel’s ‘Girl meets World’, has already made waves on social media. Rowan speaks on topics such as race, politics, feminism, and gender constructs. It’s easy to forget she’s only 15. Through her social media presence Rowan tries to to educate, inform and empower young women. With the hope that teens will to take an interest in politics.


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