The Fitness Challenge That Will Change Your Lifestyle

A fitness challenge known as the ‘Give it 100’ challenge has been gaining traction over the past year with the help of an inspirational mother-daughter duo.

Cheryl Shaw and daughter Tessa Shaw started the fitness challenge back in 2014 and are still going strong. The idea behind the fitness challenge is simple enough, in theory.

For 100 days you work towards a fitness goal you would like to reach. By the end of the 100 days these lifestyle changes will have become habit.

The ‘Mother and Daughter Duo’ Facebook page now has around 20,000 followers. Through this page Cheryl and Tessa share their fitness and food goals while supporting others who are beginning their ‘Give it 100’ challenge.

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It can also be used for non-fitness goals such as; learning a new language, or improving a skill. Having a goal or plan in mind can make it easier to achieve.

The challenge began after a woman named Karen Cheng who documented herself learning how to dance in a year. The challenge shows just how much you can achieve in less than a year with dedication and goals.

By setting yourself a 100 day challenge it can make goals a lot less overwhelming. Knowing that there’s an end point can help. Hopefully by the end of it the habits will have stuck.

Ideas for 100 day challenges:

Engage in cardio (running, jogging, biking, walking), every day for 100 days.

Cut out sugar for 100 days.

Don’t eat any fast food or soft drinks for 100 days.

Give up alcohol for 100 days.

Go to the gym for 100 days.

Do weights for 100 days.


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