Gloria Steinem Explores The Oppression And Progress Of Women On VICELAND

Gloria Steinem has spent over half a century advocating for female rights and has been somewhat of a figure head for the feminist movement since the 1960’s. At the age of 82 she shows no signs of slowing down as she hosts her new show Woman on VICELAND.

It comes as no surprise that a woman who has spent her life advocating for human rights would host and produce a show like Woman. The show sheds light on serious issues many women in the world still face in the present day.

Over the course of eight half hour episodes Steinem explores some different human rights issues – from sexual assault in the US military, to femicide in El Salvador. While at times it can be hard to watch each episode is truly fascinating and it offers an insightful view into issues we don’t often think about.

Each episode begins and ends with Steinem speaking to the camera about the episode and the issues women face in general. Throughout the rest of the show a team of female journalists who were hand-picked by Vice, explore a variety of issues facing women. Every episode focuses on a different part of the world and how different types of violence against women are causing global instability. One of the episodes is even hosted by Oscar-winning director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy who won the Best Documentary Short category this year for her powerful film about acid attacks in her home country Pakistan.

The show itself is rather sobering in some ways, as it shows how much women as a whole still overcome. Often it’s easy for us to forget what’s going on outside of our own backyards, and this show serves as an important reminder of that.


Woman will be available to watch on VICELAND channel 13 on SKY as part of their VICELAND Women’s Week. (5 – 12 March).


For more info check out the website.